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Indigenous Languages Canada



Save Beautiful Languages From Disappearing


Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, an Anishnabee writer from the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, lives and works in Nayaashiinigming, which is an Anishnabee name for Cape Croker in Ontario. The direct translation of Nayaashiinigming means “a beautiful piece of land surrounded by water and looking almost like an island.”


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Cuban Spanish Translations



Cuban Spanish Translations


Fidel Castro passed away last week. This means that the status quo in Cuba may change, causing business to expand and services to improve, including translation services. For example, translations from English to Spanish are expected to rise exponentially.


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Translation Canada



Translate To French


A few countries in the world have adopted a system of communicating in more than one language. Supported by law, bilingualism or multilingualism allows citizens with different mother tongues to express themselves in their own languages when communicating with the government and other institutions. In such countries, two or more languages are …


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Sign Translation



Power Of A Word


“How much is one drop of gasoline?” asks a man at the gas station. “Nothing,” the attendant replies. “OK then, please fill up the tank one drop at a time,” says the customer.


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Translation USA


US Election Affected By Linguistic Services


The last US presidential campaign was anything but ordinary. Aside from its exhausting and controversial nature, the tight race uncovered a few interesting moments worth analyzing. One particular situation caught our attention from the point of view of a language services provider – Melania Trump’s speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention …


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You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat


You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat


Have you ever had big plans or wanted to achieve a certain goal, but felt you did not have the means to make it a reality? When you were a little kid, did you dream about driving a fast car, but have only a small, slow bicycle? Yes, we all experience this state of mind from time to time. Dreams are big; reality offers limited options.


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Translation Raincouver


Language Services In Vancouver


In Vancouver, one look out the window makes it obvious that summer is gone. Rainy and foggy weather is here, reminding Vancouverites that we must pay a toll for living in one of North America’s most beautiful cities. A pattern emerges: eight days rain and fog, one day sunshine. Then back to rain. Many Vancouverites don’t love the rain, but we all know what’s in store. Recently, a gentleman in the elevator said, with resignation in his voice, “Yes, we live in Vancouver.”


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Website Translation


A few decades ago, the term website translation was entirely fictional, with a meaning hard to guess. It was quietly waiting for its day. All translations were done on the typewriter and the output format was paper—hard, soft, heavy, light, white or yellowish, but paper. The translator strictly fulfilled the role of a language professional, working with thick dictionaries on a desk piled high with papers and notebooks.


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Document Translation


Document translation is a self-explanatory term. It was most probably created in times when man wrote his first document by scratching images in the rock with stone. Such images were communicating a certain message. Since document formats, as well as scripts, were not generally agreed on and accepted by the broad community of people, no doubt document translation was needed immediately after it was written. And because the meaning was known only to the author himself, he became its first translator; he explained to others what he meant by drawing these pictures.


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