Aerospace Translation Services




The aerospace industry in Canada involves commercial, defense and space sectors. High-tech devices, avionics and simulation systems represent a significant percentage of the total sales of Canadian aerospace products. Translations needed? We can help you with complex language services for the aerospace industry!



Bilingual aerospace sector


The aerospace industry in Canada is a truly bilingual field. Since many aerospace companies are situated in French-speaking Quebec , it is only natural that Strategic Languages is involved. We participate by providing expert aerospace translation services to Canadian and US companies, as well as outside North America.



Aerospace translation for export and import


Do you have operation manuals for helicopters and other aircraft which need to be translated for export purposes, or for internal use? Our translation professionals understand the subject and have relevant experience. Our clients feel confident when ordering translations from us pertaining to simulation systems, manufacturing processes or assembly plants. You will too. Our team translates manuals, technical descriptions, production reports, press releases and other materials on a daily basis.

Please see below some examples of translation types and documents we can do for you:


Manual Translation
Catalogue Translation
Technical Translation
Legal Translation
Certified Translation
Policies and Procedures
Press Releases
Warning Signs

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