Pharmaceutical Translation Services


Canada has the 10th largest pharmaceutical market globally. The research, development and manufacturing of new medicines, over-the-counter drugs and generic pharmaceuticals are secured by a number of companies in this sector, either brand-name or generic drug firms. Many of them are foreign companies with facilities and sales offices in Canada. Conversely, a number of Canadian pharmaceutical companies export their products to other countries. In either case, these organizations need accurate pharmaceutical translation services.


The safe and effective use of drugs requires a careful pharmaceutical translation, especially when translating conditions of use, indications, and properties, since incorrect language may cause harm. This underlines the necessity of working with a professional translation company with extensive experience in pharmaceutical translation services. Strategic Languages has translated thousands of pages of production reports, product monographs, clinical trial documents, patient feedback, marketing materials and related documents for pharmaceutical companies.


The life science translation field, like pharmaceutical translation, is critical. The pharmaceutical industry has to fulfill numerous regulatory body requirements, so these translations are often viewed under a microscope. Accuracy, understandability, consistency and completeness constitute the basic expectations of quality translation services in this sector.


To ensure the highest translation quality possible for its clients, Strategic Languages uses cutting-edge processes and top linguistics experts in a quality assurance process called back translation, in which the material is translated first, then translated back to the original language by another linguistic expert. Both documents, the source and the back translation, are then compared, and the initial translation undergoes a thorough revision process until its quality and accuracy are exceptional.


Your pharmaceutical translation needs might involve:

Production Reports
Product Monographs
Informed Consent Forms
Clinical Trial Documents
Clinical Studies
Marketing Materials
Drug Facts
Press Releases
Packaging Text
Labels and more


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