Technical Translation Services


According to statistics, around 61% of all Canadian exports come from the manufacturing sector. It is an important part of the Canadian economy. At the same time, manufacturing provides employment and full-time jobs in all Canadian provinces for technicians, trades people, designers, engineers, IT professionals and researchers. With an increasingly globalized world in which companies cooperate between continents—importing and exporting merchandise, or moving entire production divisions to other countries—the need for technical translation has multiplied.


Technical document translation is required on all levels of the manufacturing process. It encompasses plans, software, machinery operation manuals, catalogues, productions reports and more. Strategic Languages, an experienced technical translation agency, has unique quality assurance processes in place to ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness in technical translations. Safety is important in the workplace, and professional translation is a necessary part of the effort to keep employees free of the risks that can result from a low-quality translated documents.



Reliable technical translators


As an experienced and reliable technical translation company in Canada, our linguistic team ensures an excellent technical translation service. Our technical translators are experienced professionals, typically possessing a degree in the translation field, engineering, or both.


With many years of experience in technical translation, Strategic Languages possesses the required skills, qualified professional translators and current technology to manage challenging translation projects involving highly specialized terminology. Our attention to detail assures excellent terminology consistency and extraordinary quality throughout the entire translation process.


Technical documents we translate include:


Operation Manuals
Technical Plans
Production Reports
Insurance Documents
Policies and Procedures
Signs and more


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