Software Localization


Translating software from one language to another is often referred to as ‘localization’. The localization process is similar to the translation process, but more challenging. For example, it involves testing to ensure that the translated software works perfectly before it is shipped to clients. The completeness check is more time consuming. All tables, menus and error messages must be in the correct language. Localization projects are very context sensitive.


Software or templates must be exported from the formats in which they were originally created by developers. The next steps involve processing files (typically HTML files) with special localization software, running the pre-translation and leveraging the content from previous translations and glossaries. The procedure that follows is the same as a traditional translation process, up to the point when the translated text is imported back to its original format. Once it is in its original format, the developers then rebuild the software or template and test it. The steps after exporting/importing files are critical. There are almost always scripts present in the translatable/translated text. These scripts must be identified and locked so the translators don’t alter them as overwriting scripts may cause the software to crash. That’s why the software must be tested and corrected repeatedly, until it is fully functional in the new language.


Translating newly-released build or release candidate may be more expensive than translating patches. Strategic Languages minimizes the volume by leveraging projects from its previously translated versions. You only pay for translation of the new content, not for what was translated in the past.


Supporting documentation for software and templates (e.g., Getting Started Guide, Administration Guide, Release Notes, Help, KB Articles, eDelivery, Licensing Agreement, website content and Copyright) are usually translated simultaneously.


We feel that nothing is more exciting than translating software. We have a passion for facing new challenges, and this is one of the reasons why we have a reputation of being highly professional. We thrive off the spirit of exploration, and our vision of being a pioneering translation agency makes us more distinctive than ever. Our attitude toward translations is adventurous, responsible, ambitious – and it continues to evolve. Our processes for localization are tailor-made for particular projects and show more revolution than evolution. Contact us so we can discuss the details. Our strength lies in the quality of our work.


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