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Strategic Languages provides quality translation and language services for ICBC clients.




Our official translations in Vancouver are recognized by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)).They are completed by ICBC translators who are on their approved translator list. Most of them are also certified translators in the province. We offer all languages. The majority of ICBC translations focus on translating claim history letters from other countries.



ICBC Translation Vancouver – Claims History Letter


If you are a new or returning BC resident, obtaining an accurate ICBC translation of the claims history letter from your previous auto insurer in a non-English speaking country is the first step toward getting an insurance discount. You can receive a five-percent discount for each claim-free year, up to a maximum discount of forty percent. ICBC will look at the last 8+ continuous claim-free years. An ICBC translator is aware of this system and that is the main reason the Insurance Company of British Columbia maintains the approved translator list – ICBC. Being recognized by ICBC is our basic criterion when selecting the right ICBC translators for your short translation project.


Therefore, providing insurance claims history letters from your previous insurance companies can result in significant savings on insurance premiums. It is worth the effort. You will get the money spent on this crucial ICBC translation back by paying significantly lower premiums starting from the moment you present the translated letter to your insurance broker. It has become even more important since ICBC announced recent changes to their Claim Rated Scale (CRS) system, which means that drivers will lose their discounts more quickly when having a chargeable claim, even if it’s their first.

Pre-Translation Preparation


To prepare to collect this discount, focus on putting all your documents – claims history letters – together and making sure that they contain all necessary details required by ICBC. Otherwise, incomplete document(s) translated from other languages will be rejected and you will have to repeat the whole process, which will cost you more.


Translation Services – ICBC Requirements


Make sure that each claims history letter is on insurance company letterhead. Each letter must include the insurance company’s contact information, the date of issue, the name of the principal operator as well as other relevant insured persons, the policy number, effective dates, and details of any claims, or statements that there were no at-fault claims. Finally, ensure that the letter has been signed by the insurance company representative.



Ordering Translation for ICBC


Once you are sure that you have all your claims history letters ready with all the required details, scan them or take good pictures of them with your smartphone and send them to our email address. You can indicate Translation Services for ICBC, Translation – ICBC or Translations – ICBC in your email subject. Your email will then be directed to the right department and processed promptly. Attach the scanned copies or pictures of the letters to your email and indicate which language you want them translated from, and when you need your translations back. We will then email you an exact translation quote. After you accept the quote, we will initiate the project and start translating. You will then receive your ICBC- translation within the agreed-upon deadline.



Other Translations for ICBC


In addition to translating claims history letters, we offer translations of other materials required by ICBC. All work is done exclusively by seasoned ICBC translators. Just contact us today to discuss your insurance translation needs and our language services for ICBC.

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