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Companies doing business in Canada, Canadian firms investing abroad, or individuals coming to Canada are often required to present their documents, certificates, references, drawings, business plans and other materials in foreign languages to government offices, authorities, universities or other institutions. These documents might be required in either of Canada’s official languages, English or French. In other words, they need to be translated. Whether you come in contact with immigration offices, professional associations, police, universities or business development agencies, your translations have to be reliable, accurate and trustworthy. Since employees of these institutions do not usually speak all foreign languages, the onus is on you to present translations they can trust and consider genuine.


The best option for proving that your translated documents reflect the true meaning of the original is certified translation. Strategic Languages works with certified translators in most languages, and is one of the foremost providers of certified translation services.


What is certified translation?


A certified translation is also known as an official translation or sworn translation. While certified translators in most European countries are registered and approved by the courts, a certified translator in Canada and the United States is a certified translation professional who is a member of a professional translation association. In Canada, each province has a translation association that maintains a list of certified translators. In order to get certified, translators typically have to pass an exam and fulfill certain specific requirements. Once certified, these translators are authorized to translate official documents like passports, driver licenses, university transcripts, court documents, etc. Such translation is produced in hard copy with the translator’s seal or stamp, with signature and membership number. It is attached to the original document or its copy.



Difference between notarized and certified translation


When no certified translator is available in any of the provinces or territories for certain languages, the certified translation may be replaced by a so-called notarized translation. This is done by a non-certified translator who attaches an affidavit with the translation, notarized by a notary public, stating that the translation is done to the best of the translator’s knowledge and reflects the true meaning of the original document.

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