Multilingual Translation Solution


What is multilingual translation? We can put it this way: If you want to kill more birds with one stone, multilingual translation is the way to go. In other words, translating your original text into several languages at the same time saves you time and resources and makes the whole process run more smoothly, especially when you assign the multilingual translation project to a professional translation agency like Strategic Languages. Let’s elaborate on three factors attributed to multilingual translation.

Saving time


The math is pretty straightforward here. Instead of preparing ten documents on ten different occasions, it is quicker to prepare one document and have it translated to ten languages at the same time. Even when you have ten different source documents to be translated to ten different languages, multilingual translation still saves you time. You learn the procedure while preparing the first document and then you apply this knowledge to the remaining nine. If their similarity level is high, you just alter few details in each of them before you assign the job to the translation provider.


Saving resources


Or we can say saving money. Strategic Languages offers your organization a significant discount if you order all the languages in your multilingual translation project at the same time. The reason is simple: the administrative procedure for processing ten languages is usually as labour-intensive as processing one language, or at least the difference is minimal. This saves time spent on entering project data into the system, issuing purchase orders, work sheets and invoices, processing payments, etc.


Saving effort


Another important benefit of a multilingual translation is the smooth process as we deal with bundled services. Our process proceeds from one stage to the next for all ordered languages at the same time. If anything comes up in one language and we have to clarify some questions, after receiving your answers, we apply the solution to all the remaining languages. If our translators in various languages have questions, we summarize them and send one email to you for clarification. You receive one email instead of many, which makes it easier for you, too.


We believe that you now understand the advantages of multilingual translation projects. The decision is all yours and Strategic Languages will follow your instructions, no matter what your reasons may be.

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