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Translation Services For Businesses

Government, Institutions and Individuals


Strategic Languages will help you communicate better and get closer to your clients, business partners, suppliers, employees and others in their own languages. If your documents are required for administrative or immigration purposes, we will translate with certification. Based in North America, we have the knowledge, people and technology. Try us, and you will not be disappointed.

We proudly serve different industries. Highlights of what we can do for you include, but are not limited to, the following list.

Certified Translations



for immigration purposes, courts, universities, colleges, schools, business registries, other institutions and government

Certified Translation Vancouver
App Translation Services

Translations for Smartphone Apps



and computer applications

Translations for Advanced Technologies



for scientists, engineers, researchers, research institutes …

Engineering Translation
Technical Translation Canada

Aerospace Translations



for high-tech devices, avionics, simulation systems, communication systems, aircraft, helicopters, satellites and more

Automotive Translations



for car manufacturers, distributors, dealers, consumers, repair shops …

Automotive Translation
Professiona Japanese Translation

Construction Translations



for construction companies

Defence Translations



for companies and ministries for electronic defence systems, mobile tactical communication systems and more

Online Document Translation
Education Translation Vancouver

Education Translations



for universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools, Montessori schools and ESL schools

Translations for Electric Car



for electromobile manufacturers and energy storage companies

Website For Translation
Human Translation Online

Translations for Energy Companies


Environment Translations



for government, environmental organizations and individuals

Text Translation Online
Professional Translators

Language Services



for film production companies, screen writers, movie and sound studios

Financial and Banking Translations



for banks, financial institutions and individuals

Financial Translation Services
Language Translators Online

Food and Culinary Art Translations



for chefs, event organizers, restaurants, books, magazines, etc.

Translations for Freight Forwarding



for export/import companies, shipping and cargo companies, freight forwarders, governments, individuals, etc.

Best Web Translator
Fast Translation Services

Government Translations



for federal, provincial and international governments …

Hospitality Translations



for hotels, resorts, guests …

Professional Spanish Translator
Japanese Translation Services

Information Technology Translations



for hardware manufacturers and software companies

Insurance Translations



for insurers, agents, brokers, underwriters, law firms, insureds …

Technical Translator
Legal Translation Company

Legal Translations



for law firms, lawyers, individuals and more


Marketing Translations



for advertising agencies, graphic designers, promoters, marketing departments, marketing managers …

Marketing Translations
Medical Translation Agency

Medical Translations



for hospitals, clinics, government, doctors, dentists, nurses, administrators and more

Mining Translations



for mining companies, engineers, consultants, universities, aviation companies, government, laboratories …

Technical Document Translation
Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical Translations



for pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, pharmacists, scientists, governments, regulatory bodies, etc.

Science Translations



for scientific and research centres, scientists, universities, governments, laboratories …

Professional Chinese Translation
Technical Translation Agency

Technical Translations



for manufacturing companies, production plants, engineers, designers, researchers, technicians, trades people …

Telecom Translations



for telecommunication and software companies, governments, etc.

Certified Translation Professional
Business Translator

Transportation Translations



for export/import companies, shipping and cargo companies, freight forwarders, governments, individuals, etc.

Travel Translations



for travel agencies, hotels, resorts, guests, vacationers, governments …

Professional Online Translation

Can’t find your industry or specialization in the above list? Due to the limited space on this page, we did not name all the industry fields. Sorry we missed yours, but we can certainly help you.