Insurance Translation



The Canadian insurance industry safeguards Canadian communities and businesses by the use of contracts and other documents which often require translation into or from other languages. This creates a need for insurance translations.


Strategic Languages offers insurance translation services


In today’s globalized world, insurance companies from the USA, UK, France, Germany and other countries do business in Canada, and Canadian insurance companies invest abroad. All original materials and paperwork require translation to English, French or to other languages. Strategic Languages, an experienced professional translation agency, provides services specific to the insurance industry. We offer insurance translations to all levels of the insurance market, including insurers, brokers, agencies, personal or commercial lines, underwriters and more.


Do not gamble with your insurance translation


It is crucial that you as an insurer, broker, agent or underwriter get the right information from your clients in a form you can understand. For clients who do not speak English or French, whose documents were issued outside Canada, use our unbeatable multilingual certified translations. Get in touch to discuss certified translations now.


It is almost a matter of life and death to understand your insurance policy if you are the insured policy holder. Without this understanding, you could incur hefty medical bills or financial liability toward third parties. Don’t sign these important documents without being 100% sure what’s in them. To get your translation done properly, call us to see how we can translate your materials. We will not only give you an exact free quote, but also will clarify which translated documents need to be certified, notarized or just translated the regular way. Call us today!


Our insurance translation services include:


Certified Translation
Legal Translation
Business Translation
Website Translation
Document Translation


Examples of insurance documents we can translate for you include:


Insurance Policies
Insurance Contracts
Financial Statements
Underwriting Contracts
Market Analyses
Press Releases
Purchase Orders
and more.


Please contact us to discuss your insurance translation project.

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