Engineering Translation Solutions



Engineering is a crucial part of the industrial sector. Electrical, mechanical, civil, mining and chemical engineering make industrial processes and solutions work, whether in the oil sands of Alberta, in construction sites in major Canadian and American cities, or on the production lines of car manufacturers in Ontario or Michigan. Strategic Languages provides critical linguistic assistance for your important engineering projects by helping with industrial translations of all sorts.


Enhance your global presence with our engineering translations from top linguistic experts with degrees in engineering, translation or both. Our translators are carefully selected and tested before participating on live translation projects. Our team can help you with various software formats, so there is no need for you to convert your source files from one format to another, then back. Strategic Languages will do it all for you.



What can we do for you?


Please see below for some of the translation services we offer. If you have a project which is not indicated in our short list, feel free to contact us to discuss it in detail.


Manual Translation
Catalogue Translation
Technical Diagram Translation
Document Translation
Legal Translation
Marketing Translation and more.


At Strategic Languages, your engineering translation projects are in good hands.

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