Medical Translation Solutions


Physicians, clinicians, nurses, clinics, hospitals, medical technology companies, pharmaceutical companies and other participants in the health care system often require medical translation services. Strategic Languages, a medical translation company, provides all types of language services for members of the “health care chain.”


What can we do for you?


If doctors’ notes or medical reports need to be translated by a medical translation agency, we will be more than happy to assist you.


If there is a language barrier between the doctor and the patient, we are here for you with our signature interpretation services in all languages.


If your educational and training materials or staff contracts have to be available in other language(s), Strategic Languages offers its translation services.


If you would like to publish the results of your clinical research in a medical journal or magazine in another country, you can rely on our translators and linguistic experts.


If you need to consult your colleague—a doctor abroad—who doesn’t speak your language, Strategic Languages can translate your communications, including emails, diagnostic results, prescriptions and more.


If you require medical translation services for your medical devices, including manuals, promotional materials, labels, instructions, etc., we offer that service.


If your suppliers, such as pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers, want to work with a reliable medical translation company, refer them to Strategic Languages.


If you need your website or documents translated to any languages, we can help.


If the particular service you need is not listed above, please call or email us to discuss how we can help you.

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