Financial Translation



The financial health of any company is an important factor indicating how the business fulfills its goals. Accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors, auditors, boards of directors or shareholders have various levels of responsibility to ensure that a company’s financial situation is in good order. If any part of this chain lacks the correct information, it may result in financial decisions based on incorrect or altered expectations. This is particularly true when a language barrier is involved. In such cases, the company might consider using financial translation services.

Strategic Languages offers excellent financial translations.



Why choose our financial translation services?


Our financial translators are seasoned translation professionals who are as precise with their work as your own accountants. They are familiar with financial terminology and experienced in translating thousands of pages of financial reports, insurance documents, and other financial data. Professional financial translators know that each number has to be carefully checked, as numerical formats vary from language to language. For example, English numbers use decimal points, while French or German equivalents use commas. Attention to detail, accuracy and consistency are major characteristics of our linguistic experts who focus on financial translations.

Examples of financial documents we can translate for you include:


Financial Reports
Financial Prospectuses
Annual Reports
Balance Sheets
Insurance Documents
and more.


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