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Strategic Languages is one of Canada’s few highly specialized legal translation companies, with many satisfied clients in Canada, the United States, and other countries. What makes our legal translation service unique?



Get the best legal translator for your legal team


Legal issues are extremely sensitive and can be expensive to resolve. People and companies pay vast sums of money for legal advice and related services, including attorneys to represent them in court, in order to obtain the best of all possible outcomes. To achieve this goal, they need a top team working for them – not only the best lawyers, but also the best legal translators.



A good legal translation agency honors experience, training and proper education


As a legal translation company, we provide translation services for all purposes and in any language. From certified legal translation to legal translation online, we focus on accuracy, employing professional translators, editors and terminologists who prioritize the precision and quality of their legal translations. Clients who contact a legal translation agency are often already familiar with legal procedures involving their affairs, such as immigration, marriage, divorce, and law court procedures. Resolving these complicated issues may be costly, and few clients wish to risk additional problems resulting from low-quality translations done by inexperienced translators, students or beginners. Translation of legal documents should be done by professional translators, just as legal issues should be resolved by professional lawyers.

Contact Strategic Languages for a worry-free translation experience, provided by translators with years of experience, training and relevant education.

Examples of legal documents we can translate for you include:



Powers of Attorney
Wills and Testaments
Estate Documents
Letters of Probate
Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Separation Agreements
Prenuptial Agreements
Death Certificates
Patent Applications
Letters of Indemnity
Securities Transfer Documents
Insurance Policies
Lease Agreements
Mergers and Acquisition Documents
and more



Strategic Languages is able to do much more. Just call or email us to discuss your legal translation needs.

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