Accurate Website Translation


Website translation is one of the most frequent requests we get from businesses, and it’s no wonder. Today’s business marketing would simply not survive without having a well-designed website. And if your website fulfills the language expectations of today’s global audience, it already has an added value.


Translation-friendly content


When considering website translation, it pays to ensure that your content in the original language is written to be translation and localization friendly. Strategic Languages would be more than happy to give you valuable advice before you start writing. Language consulting is part of our portfolio. Just call or email us if you have any questions regarding website translation and writing for translation.


Variety of formats


We have provided website translation for many companies doing business in a variety of fields including pharmaceuticals, hospitality, marketing and more. Our language experts possess all the necessary skills for website translation, as well as the technical knowledge that enables us to translate directly in your own CMS system online or offline, using specialized software designed to handle all kinds of formats.


Language versions for website translation


Please keep in mind that your business does not exist without a website and your website behaves as an invisible ghost for the global audience if it doesn’t “speak” other languages. Contact us to discuss website translation and what languages may be suitable for your business online.


Don’t forget, for example, that there are different versions of certain languages and each version lives a separate life in the countries where it is spoken. There is French spoken in France, in Belgium, in Canada’s Quebec, and also in some African countries. Same for Portuguese; it exists in two major geographical locations—Portugal and Brazil. And we can continue with English and Spanish, as well as with versions of some languages spoken by minority communities in various countries.


It is very important that your business has an appropriate website in other languages and that the version of the language is correct. If you used different language versions interchangeably, people would recognize right away that you had not done your homework. The languages used in communities that separated from their motherlands a long time ago might sound archaic in the countries where they were originally spoken. This could take away the power of your marketing, destroy your effort and wipe out the investment you set aside for your website translation.

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