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Strategic Languages provides high-quality Simplified Chinese translations in all specializations. Our Simplified Chinese translators in Toronto, ON are seasoned linguistic experts with many years of translation experience. We select the appropriate language professionals for you based on your specific needs. Most of our translators reside in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal; however we also work with translators, editors and terminologists in other Canadian cities as well as in the USA.



Quality Simplified Chinese translators for your documents, marketing materials and websites


Our quality Simplified Chinese translators are carefully selected by our human resources team. We assign the best linguists with industry-specific focus, who have been in the language business for many years. Their quality work has been repeatedly proven on translation projects for industry leaders in their fields of specialization. We further ensure accuracy and precision though our strict quality assurance process.


Strategic Languages guarantees the highest level of confidentiality when working on your projects, and treats all texts as if they were highly classified materials. Our confidential translations are done primarily by our certified translators, members of provincial translation associations, whose linguistic expertise and experience have been tested rigorously in order to achieve their certification.


All of these measures constitute an assurance that you will receive true translations of your original documents, done to the highest standard of the market’s most knowledgeable linguists.



Rush translation orders processed in less than 24 hours by Simplified Chinese translation company


Strategic Languages offers both standard and rush services for Simplified Chinese translations. Rush translations are processed in less than 24 hours. Contact us today to get your Simplified Chinese translation completed as soon as possible.



Toronto’s most reliable Simplified Chinese translation agency


Toronto and Vancouver harbour some of the most knowledgeable Simplified Chinese translators in North America. Strategic Languages is a translation agency with access to Canada’s most precious linguistic human resources in Simplified Chinese translation, thanks to our unique linguistic talents selection program. Our Simplified Chinese translators are able to work on any translation project and with any file format, including documents, websites, press releases, manuals, procedures, brochures, flyers, magazines, labels, logos, slogans, and film scripts, to name just a few.



Simplified Chinese translators who never say no to your translation projects


Strategic Languages relies on a network of highly trained and specialized Simplified Chinese translators. Our new customers are often referred to us by their universities, institutions and employers. We value this recognition from our most valuable clients, who know that we provide a wide range of specializations. Our translator base includes:



Simplified Chinese Technical Translators
Simplified Chinese Legal Translators
Simplified Chinese Marketing Translators
Simplified Chinese Medical Translators
Simplified Chinese Pharmaceutical Translators
Simplified Chinese Mining Translators
Simplified Chinese Financial Translators
Simplified Chinese Government Translators
and more



Our Simplified Chinese translators in Toronto, ON are always available


Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China and is mostly associated with Mandarin as a spoken language. Our Simplified Chinese translators in Toronto, ON and in Vancouver are experienced with materials focused on target audiences in or from Mainland China.


Strategic Languages serves as a hub for Simplified Chinese translation services. We can provide any type of translations including Simplified Chinese website translation, Simplified Chinese document translation, Simplified Chinese certified translation, Simplified Chinese transcription, Simplified Chinese voiceovers and much more.



Simplified Chinese language services at Strategic Languages provide a high return on investment


As well as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese script is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong is associated with the spoken language Cantonese, while Traditional Chinese in Taiwan is a written format for the Mandarin spoken there. Call or email us today to discuss which script is the most suitable for your Chinese translation project.


Simplified Chinese translation from Strategic Languages is an investment which will bring you more business and open a new communication channel between you and your target audience. Try our signature translation services, done by our Simplified Chinese legal translators, Simplified Chinese marketing translators, Simplified Chinese technical translators, Simplified Chinese medical translators, Simplified Chinese pharmaceutical translators, Simplified Chinese website translators, Simplified Chinese government translators, Simplified Chinese document translators, Simplified Chinese certified translators, Simplified Chinese transcribers, and Simplified Chinese voiceover actors.


We offer translators in all languages in the following areas:



Technical Translators
Legal Translators
Marketing Translators
Medical Translators
Pharmaceutical Translators
Mining Translators
Financial Translators
Government Translators
and much more.


We also provide translation service in other languages, done by the following language professionals:


Spanish Translators
French Translators
German Translators
Japanese Translators
Korean Translators
Vietnamese Translators
Tagalog Translators
Russian Translators
Arabic Translators
Farsi Translators
and much more.


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